• Dimensions: 4.4″ (11cm) long 1.15″ (3cm) wide
  • 5 Layers
  • American Walnut
  • Static resistance
  • Hand-waxed with natural beeswax


The Big Beard Comb


Give your beard options with the hand made Skeggox Big Beard Comb. Skeggox spent two years testing, experimenting, then perfecting the strengths and weaknesses of laminated American Walnut before launching their combs to the world. The Big Beard Comb was created especially for long-hair beards, adding more and thicker teeth. However, even being bigger than The Universal Beard Comb, The Big Beard Comb will easily accommodate in your palm or fit comfortably in the pocket leaving the axe of SKEGGOX protruding manly out of it.
Beard Combs are made using a special technology of laminating, which makes it possible to create incredibly thin but at the same time extremely firm products, what allows you to use it even for tangled hair without worrying to hack the teeth. Combs are made of five layers of the highest quality American Walnut. Hand-glued, polished and waxed with natural beeswax they give a sense of luxury and quality.


Crafting with laminating technology allow us to use these beard combs just after the shower also you can use it after usage of beard oil or balsam. Also feel free to use it with cold or hot fan while drying your beard, there is no any possibility to harm these combs. This beard and mustache comb easy fits in any your pocket. Just boldly put the beard and mustache comb in any pocket without fear of breaking it.


The Big Beard Comb is 4.4″ (11 cm) long  X  1.15″ (3 cm) wide, made from finest American Walnut, sanded by hands and finished with natural beeswax. Packed in solid recyclable package. Extra light, thin and firm. A great choice for everyday use to keep your beard Sharp! Modern gentlemen can now use a sophisticated everyday accessory in the form of this stylish Wooden Comb.  Luxury and quality at the same time!