Stand out from the crowd with a luxurious and slimline wallet

Hipsters, fashionista’s and those who like unique and stylish accessories prepare to be wowed by my handmade, slim wallets for men. Each one is handcrafted by me to the highest standard from the luxurious wood; Santos Polisander and hand waxed with natural beeswax for a superior finish. All edges are sanded to a smooth finish too.

Ditch your tatty and overused leather wallet for my wooden wallet design and enjoy the benefits of the slimmest wallet you’ve ever owned. It has the capacity to hold up to 10 cards plus banknotes stored underneath the band.

Practical and slim wallet design

Based on a front pocket wallet design it consists of 2 premium, ultra-thin but strong wooden plates which are connected by a strong thick piece of black elasticated material. This simple yet unique structure makes an ideal credit card case, business card case and money clip without unnecessary pockets and bulky material. Weighing just 0.044ls (when empty) you’ll forget it’s in your pocket especially due to the minimalist size of 3.85 inches x 2.15 inches.

Why are my men’s handcrafted wallets so unique?

I use laminating technology to create the wooden wallet plates which is completely unique to me. I am the only one who uses this technique. By creating wallets in this way, I am able to produce the thinnest and strongest wooden wallet on the market which feels super comfortable to carry, is easy to access when paying in a hurry and literally lasts for years and years.

BUY NOW and benefit from a practical, on trend wallet that doubles up as a piece of art instead of boring leather and fabric alternatives